"The Great Evaporation" featuring Sene and Scienze.
From EOM’s upcoming album, ForAllWeKnow.

Pre-Order ForAllWeKnow: http://eom703.bandcamp.com/album/forallweknow

An instrumental from EOM’s upcoming album, ForAllWeKnow.

Pre-Order ForAllWeKnow: http://eom703.bandcamp.com/album/forallweknow

First single from EOM’s upcoming album, “ForAllWeKnow”.

“ForAllWeKnow” will be released August 17th through iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc

I’m On It featuring Breezy Lovejoy, Wax & Dumbfoundead

"Summer Breeze" by Wax, EOM, Breezy Lovejoy, Dumbfoundead, Herbal T, AK, Yes and Davy Nathan

Produced by EOM

Download it on iTunes and support/share anyway you can. We appreciate it!

EOM vs Roland MC-307

The MC 307 came out in 13 years ago… definitely doesn’t look like it. Has super crisp sounds in it though. All sounds are coming from the 307.

skip to 2:03 for the instrumental.

EOM & KevinNottingham present: Further (28 new tracks/45mins) Download

No stranger to instrumental projects, EOM (Elements of Music) follows up his Wonder Vision composition (using all Stevie Wonder samples to compose instrumentals) with Further. Acting as a 28 track dialogue into the ever evolving sounds of EOM, the producer most known behind “Yaa I Get It” by Shad and various joints by Def Jam recording artist Wax, Further tells a story from “Love Affair” to “Strangers, Heroes” to “Never Leave.” While each song develops its own sound, it’s more likely to say that each sound develops its own personality. This is how EOM makes music, this is how he appreciates music; he creates a dynamic of emotions. Enjoy Further


Direct Download Link -> http://kevinnottingham.com/mixtapes/EOM-Further

ON THE OTHER HAND: We had to edit out some beats and songs from the tape to keep it short and sweet. We want to release limited edition copies so we’re accepting donations at EOM’s Bandcamp website linked below. All donations go towards getting cds pressed, paying artists, etc to make this goal possible. Thank you in advance.